Match three or more monsters in minimum time

A matching game is a unique type of game which requires the ability to locate objects that are similar in shape and color. It is also necessary to be able to do this as quickly as possible to gain more points. This type of game is quite popular and there are a lot of versions of this game that is available to play online. However, the uniqueness in this type of game is perhaps found in Monster Match.

Monster match is a game that features characters of different shapes and colors and these are called monsters, this game is also based on the concept of matching at least three objects which all have the same features in terms of size and color. It is like a puzzle game but more on clearing all the characters off the screen in the fastest time possible.

How to play monster match?

This puzzle game is very easy to play. But first, we need to be acquainted with each of the features of the game. in the games interface you would notice that the screen is filled with colorful characters that have eyes which are closed. These are the monsters of the game. at the top of the screen you will see a timer which is represented by a yellow bar that gradually shortens as the game progresses until it is gone which also signals the end of the game. on top of the timer, you will see your score and cash gained. On the right side of the time bar you will notice three icons, a start, an egg with colorful dots and a bomb, these are the powers ups which can be used to eliminate a larger number of monsters without matching them. And located on the most extreme right is your pause button.

In playing monster match game, the player’s goal is to eliminate as many monsters as possible by matching at least three monsters. Once three monsters are grouped together they would resemble an explosion then disappear. The player will just continue playing until the time is consumed or until the game completely stops and displays time out page which also reflects the player’s current score and the top score.

On the other hand, it mentioned earlier that there are power ups in the game. in order to use these power ups the player must gather money by eliminating monsters from the playing field. The first power up is the star, the star will give you a random power up to use but this may be detrimental for the player as it also gives out a brick which needs to be eliminated also. Then we have the egg with colorful dots and its use is to change all the colors of the monsters on the field. The last power up is the bomb which can detonated by double clicking it to blast a large number of monsters.

Overall, the entire description of the game suggest that the game is not difficult at all and that players will really have a good time playing this type of game not to mention the fun and excitement kids will have while playing this game.


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