Developers of video games today get their inspiration in everyday life and once of the most common life situation that these games are inspired from is war. War is always happening, it may be not in our backyard but in some other countries, war is real and most games are based on this because it sells and it’s easy to develop. However, the downside is that it does not increase the morality of the player. Instead it inculcates in the minds of the gamers that violence is all ok. Unfortunately, this type of thinking leads to more crimes and other disturbing player behavior.

Developing the positive effects of the games

Focusing on the benefit of video games is a continuous struggle between parents and game developer despite the clear destructive potential of the games. Although developers has a complete knowledge of the ill effects of violent games, they would still not risk developing games of other genre because of the money that they make producing games based on violence.

The current findings about the effects of these games are reasonable enough to be alarmed because most players who play these games are kids. These young minds are exposed to scenes and language which they shouldn’t see or hear. That is why game developers need to heed the plea of the general public to create games that encourages the development of cognitive skills or memory enhancing games and regulate the sales of mature games to older adults only.

In this way, parents can be assured that they’re kids will only play video games that develops them in a positive way. In return, the developer of game will also have an assurance that their created games will be sold because the element of positive mental and cognitive development is already a part of their games.

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