Our cognitive abilities can be developed in a lot of ways. We can study different topics, read books and other information which can be very beneficial, we could also enhance our cognitive abilities by engaging in activities that could challenges us mentally. However, the most unique way to develop our cognitive skills is through playing video games. Video games have always been believed to have brain enhancing effects and overall improve memories of the players.

The following are the cognitive skills that are developed through playing video games

  • Coordination – the video game provides multiple mental stimulations which the player reacts to. It also encourages coordination in different aspects like the visual, audio and physical movement.
  • Brain Speed – people who play video games can process things much faster compared to others. The constant stimulation of the brain through playing video games keep the whole brain active and ready for any information that is why the person is able to act quickly to what is needed because his brain is ready.
  • Logical ability and solving skills – most games has the element of time pressure. This element alone requires the player to be strategic and logical in his approach in order to take advantage of the limited time. This ability is then translated into reality making the individual efficiently effective.
  • Attention – video games requires the players to focus on the objectives of the game in order to accomplish all the things that are required in order to finish the game. Being consistently exposed to this type of stimulus makes the person more attentive on the things that he encounters every day.

These skills are initially active within us. Unfortunately, as we grow with age, we lose these skills and we forget how to regain them. Playing video games gives us that opportunity to gain back the cognitive skills that we’ve lost along with age. Once we have these cognitive skills running again, we must also do our best to make them sharp as always.

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