It is feared that playing video games online will somehow make a person dull or that the time that he spent on the computer playing games will not cause any good for him. Apparently, that is not true at all. There are certain positive effects of playing online video games and one of the most prominent positive effects is the proper stimulation of the brain.

As evidence, games like matching games are one of the most appreciated forms of entertainment as it balances the stimuli that the person receives. These stimuli’s are simultaneously thrown at the player and the player reacts to it very quickly. This process is known to develop the brains quick response to any stimuli and its overall effect is an enhanced memory.

How is the memory enhanced?

Matching games with time pressure factor is the ultimate challenge for the brain or mental capacity of a person. Basically, the person’s initial reaction when playing a matching game is to locate objects of the same color and shape and of course he will find a lot of these items which can be group in to threes. However, there are also those objects that don’t have any similarities with the other items on the screen and the player needs to remember those in order to find the same object to group with it in order to eliminate it.

Overall, if the game does not have any complexities in it would never amount to any kind of challenge for the player thus mental stimulation will not happen. On the other hand, when the player is entertained and well engaged in the goal and purpose of the game and enjoys the exciting element of the game, then he is in the process of improving his memory capacity.

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