It is not the first time that a prominent fixture of the US government expressed concerns regarding the violence in video games and this is not also the first time that the Supreme Court’s decision favors the gaming industry. However, it may be the first time that US vice president warns the gaming industry about the creation of related gaming platforms. This is what the vice president is focusing on since 2013 and that he believed that certain measures should be in effect in regulating the development of games that has a strong representation of wars and international conflict.

Soliciting ideas and suggestions for improvement

The US vice president have roamed around the room prior to starting the press conference and have encourage each attendees to speak up about any suggestions and ideas to improve the gaming system by eliminating gun related video games. As he was deliberating his views, he also have highlighted that the general public does not approved of how these violent games are created and are freely sold to young kids on malls and other computer stores. He further said that the game industry must try to create a more favorable image towards the public.

Furthermore, the vice president will also have a scheduled meeting with the president about reducing gun violence in the country and one way to reduce that is to regulate the release and sale of violent games. On that note, developers of non-violent-cognitive-development games have reiterated that games which enhances the brain and the overall efficiency of the an individual must be promoted and that violent game developers must somehow in some way create their original version of this type of game and test it on the market.

Overall, the purpose of the US vice president is all for the good of the community and he have the support of both parents and teachers and other concerned citizens of the country.

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